This power supply is not capable of supplying, Power to peripherals will be restricted

Raspberry Pi 5 8GB with NVMe hat + 128GB NVMe module
Original Power Supply for RPi5 (EU)

When the desktop loads, the following message appears: “This power supply is not capable of supplying sufficient power. Power to peripherals will be restricted.”


1. Open a terminal and navigate to the firmware directory:

cd ../../boot/firmware

2. Open the configuration file with nano (a text editor):

sudo nano config.txt

3. Add the following line at the end of the file, after “[all]”:



4. Save the file by pressing Ctrl + O, then exit by pressing Ctrl + X.

5. Safely shutdown the Raspberry Pi:

shutdown now

6. Disconnect the power supply for a few seconds.

7. Reconnect the power supply. Upon reboot, the power supply message should no longer appear.